Management Team

Greg Zhang
Director of Education (China) of ISAIEG
Board Member and Secretary of ISA Wenhua Liwan School
  • Member of China Education Association;
  • Provincial outstanding educators;
  • Provincial Zhang Baixiang Principal Studio;
  • Won the title of "The Most Beautiful Teacher In China";
  • National Advanced Individuals in Life Education and touched top ten people by the Provincial Level;
  • Outstanding Coach of Asian Youth Mathematical Olympiad and Second Level Coach of Chinese Mathematical Olympiad;
  • Dozens of papers have been published in national core journals, and some of them have been collected by the national education literature "Encyclopedia of Chinese Educational Practice and Research Guidance";
  • Engaged in basic education for 30 years, serving as the principal for more than 10 years, familiar with the operation mode of the two systems of public and private schools, familiar with the integration of Chinese and Western curricula, and has the experience of creating and managing a number of high-end famous schools (groups), and has his own unique views on future education and teaching management and curriculum construction.
Qi Zhu
Chief Headmaster of ISA Liwan School
  • Mr. Zhu has been deeply involved in education for many years and has rich experience in teaching management and operation management of both international schools and bilingual schools.
  • He was the CEO and Head of school of a well-known education group in Central China, a senior secondary school teacher,
  • A senior researcher of the School Culture Research Center of Central China Normal University, Chairman of the Supervisor\Board of Hubei Private Education Association, Senior Strategic Advisor of Hubei-Anhui Chamber of Commerce,
  • He is the winner of the first National Confucius Medal for Education.
  • He has published his personal monograph"Poems Written in the Classroom", edited such as "One Hundred Poems for One Hundred Children", "Achieve the Best Self" and so on, and compiled'Oriental Culture Academy” (Volume 1, Volume 2).
Michael Urquhart
Head of ISA Liwan International School
Co-head of ISA Wenhua Liwan School
  • 30 years of experience in education, including 15 years’ leadership experience.
  • The former Headmaster at Victoria English School as well as International School of Indiana, both schools ranked top in their area.
  • The former Deputy Head of Utahloy International School and Principal of its secondary school section.
  • IB Diploma Examiner, IB MYP assessment moderator & School Consultant, workshop leader and evaluator.
Myra Wang
Deputy Head (International) of ISA Wenhua Liwan School
Principal of ISA Wenhua Liwan Secondary School
  • Ms. Wang graduated from Beijing Normal University and was Obtained UCL school leadership training certificate.
  • She has over 20 years’ experience of teaching and management in the mainstream international programmes such as IB, IGCSE, A Level and AP.
  • She served as Vice Principal of High School and IBDP Coordinator in GCGS. The average score of IBDP examinations during her tenure was over 40, ranking among the best in China. Her students are all over the world top universities, including Oxbridge in the UK and Ivy League in the US.
  • She also served as an IBDP training officer and math examiner in the Asia Pacific region of IB International Diploma Organization.
Jiarui Li
Director of ISA Initiative for Student Enrichment and Success(ISES)
Deputy Head (International) of ISA Wenhua Liwan School
  • PhD in Social Anthropology, with 14 years of learning and teaching at the University of Cambridge.
  • He taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses for two years in Cambridge.
  • Master in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics.
  • He worked in several universities before moved on to be the Founding Chinese Head of a well-known K-12 school in the great bay area.
  • Also, in King’s School, Ely, one of the oldest public schools in England, he worked as a Senior Teaching Fellow for two years.
Geoffrey Chen
Deputy Principal of ISA Wenhua Liwan Secondary School Student Affairs
  • Mr. Chen engaged in education work for 30 years, including 10 years experience in the Chinese education, 20 years experience in international education. He is one of the first international education workers in China. He has rich experience in education teaching management on the IB, A-LEVEL and other international courses. Based on the international course, he carries on the innovative management combined with national conditions and local characteristics.
  • He has been engaged in education and teaching management in a famous international school for a long time and made outstanding contributions. He also served as vice principal of International schools such as the Affiliated International School of Shenzhen University.
  • His work philosophy is "look up to the stars, but also down-to-earth", believe that "no love, no education". Ever since he was a student, he has always been interested in education. He always have a sense of mission and a passion for education.
Chunlian Tang
Director of ISA Wenhua Liwan School (National Secondary)
  • Master of Education from South China Normal University, senior middle school biology teacher, once served as the secretary of the school Youth League Committee and the counselor of the Young Pioneers;
  • Since joining Guangzhou Foreign Language School, she has been deeply involved in teaching, and has been working in management positions and leading the team to achieve excellent results. She has won the Guangzhou "High School Entrance Examination Outstanding Contribution Award" and "College Entrance Examination Outstanding Contribution Award" for many consecutive years;
  • In 2011, he was named "Guangzhou Excellent Class Teacher", and in 2019, he was named "Guangzhou Excellent Teacher"!
Zhijun Fu
Director of Academic Affairs of ISA Wenhua Liwan School (National Secondary)
  • Senior middle school Chinese teacher, once served as secretary of the school youth league committee, director of the moral education department, office director, etc.;
  • Since joining Guangzhou Foreign Language School, he has been sticking to senior three for a long time, devoted himself to Chinese teaching, and has rich experience in preparing for the college entrance examination. He has led the Chinese group to achieve fruitful teaching and research results;
  • Many of the students he has taught have been promoted to top domestic universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, China University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, etc., and have won honorary titles such as "outstanding teachers" and "outstanding class teachers" in prefectures and cities, and have won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for College Entrance Examination" in Guangzhou for many times.
Xufeng Huang
Director of Moral Education of ISA Wenhua Liwan School (National Secondary)
  • Senior middle school Chinese teacher, once served as the head of the section, the head of the teaching and research team of the center, the director of the moral education department, etc.;
  • He is student-oriented, and does a good job in the ideological work of students with love, patience and care. He is good at finding ways and opportunities to accompany the growth of students;
  • He has won many honorary titles such as "Excellent Teacher" and "Excellent Moral Education Worker" by government of prefectures and cities.
  • Tutored students to win the national first prize and provincial first prize in essay competitions such as "Ye Sheng Tao Cup" and "Chinese Newspaper Cup" for many times.
Patricia Pope
Principal of Primary School
  • Patricia holds an MA in Education from the University of Sunderland and is currently pursuing her second master’s in leadership and management through the University of Bath.
  • has had over 20 years’ experience in IB schools in Singapore, China and the United States;
  • employed by the Canadian International School of Singapore, she was the Vice Principal (K-12) Chinese English Bilingual program, and Nursery to Grade One Primary Vice Principal for three programs, including the English program, and the Chinese and French English Bilingual programs;
  • has been an IB Workshop Leader, Schools Consultant and Site Visit Team Member for over 8 years.
Michelle Xie
Deputy Principal of Primary School
  • Ms. Xie graduated from the Foreign Language Department of Xiangtan University and was afforded a certificate upon completion of school leadership course by UCL.
  • She has been engaged in education for more than 20 years and has rich experience in teaching and management in mainstream international programme such as IBPYP.
  • She served as vice Principal of Primary School and PYP Coordinator in GCGS. During her tenure, she led the team to obtain the first PYP authorisation in Mainland China and successfully explored a way to integrate national curriculum with international curriculum.
  • She is also the IBAP PYP workshop leader, school visiting team leader and school consultant.
Jeremiah Chua
Deputy Principal of Primary & PYP Coordinator
  • Jeremiah CHUA is from Singapore and has 16 years of experience in bilingual and international education. Starting off as a Homeroom Teacher, he has also taken on leadership roles such as Deputy Head of Primary, PYP Coordinator, Subject Coordinator and Grade Leader. Additionally, he served in Singapore’s Ministry of Education and worked with national leaders on educational policies.
  • He holds a bachelor’s in Education, a master’s in Cross Cultural Communication and a certificate in School Management and Leadership. He currently serves the IB as a Programme Leader, Workshop Leader and Site Visitor. He also contributes to the IB as a member of the PYP Subject Guidance Development team.
  • He is committed to creating an inclusive learning and teaching environment where all in the learning community are encouraged to do and be their best. He is particularly motivated by how the learning can lead to taking action for a better world.
Peter Guo
Principal of Middle School
  • Peter Guo is the Principal of Middle School Division in Guangzhou ISA Liwan International School. He has worked in well-known International Schools. Extensive experience in teaching MYP and DP language and literature, language acquisition and TOK courses.
  • He received his bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Hunan University of Science and Technology in 2012, and his master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and Educational Psychology from Assumption University and University of Kent.
  • In 2022, he received the education Leadership training from The School of Education of Harvard University. Peter has worked in domestic public schools, international schools, and many schools in Thailand and the United Kingdom, with rich teaching experience.
Joyce Chen
Early Years Curriculum Coordinator
  • Miss Chen obtained her M.A. in Teaching and Curriculum from Michigan State University.
  • She specialises in early childhood education and has over 8 years of teaching experience in international schools, including 5 years of teaching experience abroad.
  • She was the EY curriculum coordinator of Fettes College Guangzhou, the head of the kindergarten and academic team leader of Beijing Haidian Kaiwen Academy, and homeroom teacher in Post Oak Academy in the United States.
Dr.Tony Chen
Coordinator of Science Centre
  • Mr. Chen obtained his PhD degree and post-doctoral fellowship in the field of Computer Mathematics and Wireless Network from Waseda University (Japan) and CREST R&D Centre (USA) respectively.
  • He worked in the field of STEAM for more than 10 years, and won Japan's Ministry of Education (MOE) Global COE Outstanding Scientific Research Achievement Award. Mr. Chen has published 3 SCI-indexed English journal papers and more than 20 high quality international conference papers.
  • In addition, he worked in the National Key Lab of Wireless Network at a Double-First Class Unversity for 3 years and as assistant principal in a large private education group listed in NASDQ, and fully participated in the successful establishment of an international school in Nanjing as the founding Academic Director.
Meg Chen
College Counselling Centre Coordinator of ISAIEG
College Counselling Coordinator of ISA Wenhua Liwan School
University Guidance Counselor of ISA Science City
  • With more than 16 years of professional experience in school counselor;
  • She monitored graduation records, transcripts, and classes for more than five hundred students as the first school counselor in a local reputable high school. She successfully guided students to be accepted by world top colleges, including Stanford University, Princeton University, Yale University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Cambridge and Oxford etc. ;
  • She is a key member of the IACAC with IACAC Advanced Career Advisor Certification and has been a certified school counselor in 2011 by Collegeborad;
  • She is entitled as Outstanding Educator by the University of Chicago, 2018-2020.
Jessie Hou
Deputy Coordinator of College Counselling Centre, ISAIEG
University Guidance Counselor of ISA Liwan School
  • Master of the University of Edinburgh, Major in management of Training and Development;
  • Bachelor of Sun Yat-sen University;
  • She has over 8 years of experience in education, and has guided students get into the top 50 Universities around the world, including Columbia University, University of Chicago, Cornell University, Tsinghua University, Cambridge University etc.;
  • She has been awarded as “Excellent Counsellor” by CIALFO the famous American University application platform.