Student-centred and Tailor-made — Overview of the ISA Liwan Wenhua School Curriculum

Based on the national curriculum and the internationally recognised International Baccalaureate curriculum, ISA Wenhua Liwan School International Track offers IB, A Level, Arts Programme and AP, as the mainstream and the evaluation systems through tailor-made personlised education approach. The multi-outlet curriculum system provides diversified channels to ensure that children can be enrolled, learn well and get excellent grades.

Our education is student-centred, IPAD-based and high-efficiency oriented through implementing house system and tutorial system, and one student may have a different class schedule from others and may have several tutors. We provide each student with career planning, college guidance and personalised teaching and counselling. We focus on the cultivation of students’ five abilities, hoping that every student can pay attention to authentic problems through authentic learning, and master the ability to solve real problems, and become a positive and risk-taking lifelong learner. Not only will they excel academically and in terms of personal growth, they will also be able to navigate the challenges ahead with optimism and an open mind.

Highlights of Curriculum –Multiple Curricula and University Pathways

Year Level Curriculum

Primary School

G1 - 5

  • CNC
  • Cambridge Pathway
  • Singapore Math Standards

Middle School

G6 - 8

  • CNC
  • Cambridge Pathway
  • Singapore Math Standards

High School

G9 - 10

  • IGCSE Curriculum based on the IB framework

G11 - 12

  • Multiple Curriculum Pathways
  • IBDP
  • A Level
  • AP
  • Art